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Cleaning Valuables After a Fire

After a disaster such as a fire, it is not only your home that needs restoration and cleanup but your valuables as well. Your home contains more than just walls... READ MORE

Different Types of Water Damage

There are several different ways to clean up water damages and they all depend on where the water came from. For example, a broken pipe has clean water in it wh... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Action

After discovering mold in their home, a family called our SERVPRO of Greater Shawnee/Merriam team looking for help. Our team quickly responded and began the res... READ MORE

Water Loss in Basement

Mitigation means "to lessen," in our case mitigation lessens damage. Here are a few ways you can minimalize damage until our SERVPRO team can arrive.1. Find the... READ MORE

Water Damage? No Problem

Our SERVPRO of Greater Shawnee/Merriam team received a call about a water loss in a nearby home and quickly headed out. It is very crucial to get your water dam... READ MORE

How to Clean Mold Off Your Wall

Reach out to SERVPRO of Greater Shawnee/Merriam to get on site and start evaluating the situation. The technician will determine where the damage is coming from... READ MORE

Commercial Flood in KC, KS

Commercial buildings can be flooded in many ways. This one had a pipe break which flooded the ground level offices. This is a clean water loss and we didn't hav... READ MORE

The Need for Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is very important to maintain you're building. Naturally it is being done by maintenance staff throughout the day but here are some tips to ... READ MORE

Merriam Mold Remediation

Many homeowners are very worried when they see visible signs of mold in their home. The same feeling is found in facility managers and building owners. When mol... READ MORE

Wood Floors Destroyed by Water

Wood floors are wonderful inside a home but they need to be taken care of quickly after water damage. In most cases SERVPRO of Greater Shawnee / Merriam can sav... READ MORE