Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Merriam Mold Remediation

Many homeowners are very worried when they see visible signs of mold in their home. The same feeling is found in facility managers and building owners. When mol... READ MORE

The Need for Containment

Containment is a good thing on a mold job. We do not want your home or business to have mold spores traveling all over during the remediation process. We set up... READ MORE

Do you have mold in your facility?

When you enter your facility does it smell musty or old. If you do have this problem you could potentially have a mold problem. The smell of fungus growing is u... READ MORE

Air Movement and Mold Damage

The mold growing along this wall was a clear indication of it being wet. The problem with mold is that it has tiny spores that are easily airborne. We won't eve... READ MORE

I see dead people….just kidding, I see moisture in the wall.

Often times we find ourselves trying to explain to our customers that we don’t have x-ray vision so we don’t know the extent of all of the damage. W... READ MORE

Moldy Basement in De Soto

This moldy basement in De Soto was the result of a flash flood from heavy rains we sustained in late June leading to a lot of homes in the area being damaged. ... READ MORE